Upgraded folding machine allows Gooding to produce MicroFolders™ designed to fit on smaller cartons and bottles.

LOCKPORT, NY - June 1, 2016

Gerald Hace, president of Gooding Co., Inc., announced that the company recently added an 18-plate capability to its existing Vijuk Outsert Systems that will enable the company to print MicroFolders™ with 266 panels. The end result is a MicroFolder as small as 1-1/8” x 1-1/8” for attaching to bottles or cartons with limited space.

“Prior to our upgrade, our folding systems had a 210-panel capability,” Hace noted. “With this new 266-panel capability, we’ll be better able to help our pharmaceutical and consumer products customers balance compliance, safety, and informational requirements with smaller packaging footprints.”

Gooding now has a total of eight folding machines capable of running around the clock to meet production demands.

Established in 1876, Gooding is a cGMP-compliant printer specializing in the manufacture of MicroFolders™ including Inserts and Outserts for the pharmaceutical industry and Directions For Use, Use & Care Manuals, and other information-intensive products for consumer goods companies.

The company has offices in Lockport, NY and Baltimore, MD.

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