Gooding’s Jerry Hace elected vice chairman of Pharmaceutical Printed Literature Association board.

LOCKPORT, NY - January 17, 2013

LOCKPORT, NY – The Pharmaceutical Printed Literature Association (PPLA) has elected Gooding Co. Inc. President Jerry Hace to serve as their board vice chairman.  

Hace joined the PPLA Board in 2010 and was nearing the end of his first two-year term when he was appointed vice chairman. He will serve in this capacity for an additional two-year term, though 2014.

The PPLA is a forum for member printers and manufacturers to improve delivery of information for patient protection, and to support health care professionals through the advancement of printed literature to legislative, regulatory, and other decision-making bodies.

The organization advocates for the 100% availability of critical pharmaceutical information – including dosage and side effects – via printed information attached directly to medication. The group’s position is that the alternative, pharmaceutical information via electronic methods, is inadequate for the needs of professionals and the population in general, and specifically for the elderly and those without access to electronic distribution.

“Being proactive and staying involved is a Gooding promise,” said Hace. “Through the PPLA Board, Gooding is able to serve as an advocate and help promote legislation that serves the public good and ensures patient safety.”

Established in 1876, Gooding is today a cGMP-compliant specialty printer, who specializes in the manufacture of inserts and outserts for the pharmaceutical and medical industries. They currently employ 40 in their offices in Lockport, NY and Baltimore, MD. 

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