Gooding Adds New Folding Machine Capable of Producing 210-panel Inserts and Outserts.

LOCKPORT, NY - December 2, 2011

Gerald Hace, president of Gooding Co., Inc., is pleased to announce that the company recently added a Vijuk MV-2011 Outsert System, which will enable them to produce insert and outsert products with 40% more space while maintaining the same final folded size.

Before the purchase of the new equipment, Gooding was able to produce inserts and outserts with up to 150 panels. On the new Vijuk, Gooding can produce inserts and outserts with up to 210 panels. This 40% increase in panels allows for more copy space, which helps the company’s pharmaceutical customers comply with FDA rule changes, which are fast approaching full implementation.

The new Vijuk is technologically advanced. Its features include a touch-screen, color-graphical control panel; water and rotary scoring for accurate cross folds; “intelligent” electronic jam and double-sheet detection sensors; digital dials for quicker reads; a heavy-duty pressing unit; a continuous-load R6 round pile feeder, capable of feeding sheets up to 40 inches long; and an integrated gluing system. In addition to producing a product with more copy space, the new Vijuk also produces a product that is thinner, which saves customers on storage and shipping. “The new Vijuk MV-2011 Outsert System is an investment in our customers. It will allow us to lay out FDA compliant, yet cost effective inserts and outserts in sizes that were not readily available in the past,” said Hace.

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